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We invite local pet owners to visit our hospital facility and experience our services.

Guelph Street Animal Hospital is a multi-disciplinary, full service, critical care and emergency veterinary hospital in Georgetown serving local pets with quality and advanced pet health care solutions. Our veterinary services are rendered through state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment facility in the heart of Georgetown. Our veterinarians give individual focus to your pet with their right interest in mind. We are fully equipped and trained to provide general veterinary care plus advanced and emergency veterinary services. From general pet examinations to advanced diagnostics, a wide range of services are available at Guelph Street Animal Hospital.

Why Guelph Street Animal Hospital?

Here’s why your cat or dog deserves a visit to Guelph Street Animal Hospital
  • Experienced Vets

    Our veterinarians have gained extensive experience in pet health care. We are proud members of VIN (Veterinary Information Network), which helps us to communicate with the veterinary specialists of the world via internet.

  • Full-Range Vet Solutions

    We have an in house blood analyzer machine which helps to handle emergency situations efficiently. Our facility is your one-stop solution for all of your pets’ health care needs. Advanced diagnostics and treatment is a hallmark of our hospital.

  • House Call Services

    We provide quality professional health care services right in your home at reasonable prices. Pets can receive healthcare right in the comfort of their own home. A house call can  alleviate the stress of traveling to the clinic.

  • Client Education

    Pet ownership requires knowledge. Our staff educates pet owners about their pets health conditions in detail with the most up-to-date information. Owners have the ability to book a free dietary consultation with one of our technicians as well as complimentary dental examinations by our Veterinarian.

Guelph Street Animal Hospital

We are proud to serve local pets with our Veterinary solutions. We are a trusted source for pet owners who are looking for the reliable ‘Next Door’ pet clinic. High tech facility, experienced veterinarians and compassionate staff come together to provide leading pet health services to the Georgetown community. Our loving care and passion speaks through our services.

Our Team

We are reliable and trusted
Dr. Jasvir Salhan

Dr. Salhan graduated from Veterinary College in India in 1998. He started his career as veterinary officer with Indian Military Farm. He worked with Military dogs and cross bred cows for five years. Dr. Salhan immigrated to Canada in 2005 and

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Jamie Bond

Hello, my name is Jamie! I am a Registered Veterinary Technician. I graduated from Sheridan college in April 2012 with honors. I have been working at Guelph Street Animal Hospital since we opened in the summer of 2012.

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Alex Woodhead

Alex joined the Guelph Street Animal Hospital team in early 2014, she came in as a volunteer and soon enough became a veterinary assistant. Alex has already completed the first semester of the Veterinary Technician

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Our Comprehensive Veterinary Services

The idea behind Guelph Street Animal Hospital is to offer a wide range of pet healthcare services under one roof.

We provide:

  • Tonometry
  • Pet Pharmacy
  • Soft Tissue Surgery
  • Geriatric Care
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Intensive Emergency Care
  • Oncology
  • Internal Medicine
  • Pet Dental Care
  • In house lab
  • Ear Examination with video otoscope
  • Full-Health Chart
  • Health Certificates
  • Neuter & Spay
  • Radiology
  • House Call Services

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