We Are Pet Owners Ourselves

We understand and respect the bond
you share with your pets.


Senior Pet Care

Routine examinations, prescription diets and wellness testing
help ensure the health of your senior pet.


Why Visit Us?

Experienced veterinarians, compassionate staff and
state of the art technology just to name a few.


Expert Veterinary Services

We offer comprehensive health examinations, dental
care and puppy & kitten consultations.


Guelph Street Animal Hospital Georgetown – Veterinary Services

We invite local pet owners to visit our hospital and experience our services.

Guelph Street Animal Hospital is a multi-disciplinary, full service, critical care and emergency veterinary hospital in Georgetown serving local pets with quality and advanced pet health care solutions. Our veterinary services are rendered through state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment facility in the heart of Georgetown. Our veterinarians give individual focus to your pet with their right interest in mind. We are fully equipped and trained to provide general veterinary care plus advanced and emergency veterinary services. From general pet examinations to advanced diagnostics, a wide range of services are available at Guelph Street Animal Hospital.

Why Guelph Street Animal Hospital?

Here’s Why your Cat or Dog Deserves a Visit to Guelph Street Animal Hospital

Experienced Vets

Our veterinarians have gained extensive experience in pet health care. We are proud members of VIN (Veterinary Information Network), which helps us to communicate with the veterinary specialists of the world via internet.

Full-Range Vet Services

We have an in house blood analyzer machine which helps to handle emergency situations efficiently. Our facility is your one-stop solution for all of your pets’ health care needs. Advanced diagnostics and treatment is a hallmark of our hospital.

Client Education

Pet ownership requires knowledge. Our staff educates pet owners about their pets health conditions in detail with the most up-to-date information. Owners have the ability to book a free dietary consultation with one of our technicians as well as complimentary dental examinations by our Veterinarian.