Guelph Street Animal Hospital

B-184 Guelph St
Georgetown, ON L7G 4A7



Patient Monitoring


Patient monitoring is an essential part of veterinary medicine. When an animal undergoes any kind of medical procedure, it’s critical to ensure that the animal is continuously monitored to ensure that their vital signs remain stable, and any changes in their health status are immediately detected and addressed. Our veterinary technicians work closely with the veterinarian to ensure the safety of your pet throughout the entire procedure.

In addition to monitoring vital signs, we also take several other safety precautions to minimise risks during surgery based on our patient’s individual needs. Our surgical suite is equipped with advanced anaesthesia monitoring equipment and is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before each procedure. We use only the safest and most effective anaesthesia protocols and medications and take great care to ensure that the patient is stable throughout the entire surgical process.